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'68 Beetle
This is where it started


             It started off not looking too bad, but had alot of hidden secrets for me. (I should have been more suspicious of the beach pass on the windsheild!) The exposed surfaces on the roof were obviously rusty, but look at what the primer was hiding on the rest of the body (arrgh!). Window rubbers were all trashed too, so the carpet hid some problem spots behind the back seat.
         I did the paint work and airbrushing, and clearcoat was handled by Rays Body & Fender  here in St. Augustine (whom I hearby thank for all their help).

Now to put all that stuff back on.


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Whats next?
Look!           Finally an Update!

         It has taken a few years (too many) to get it this far, but I am finally reassembling the car. I have installed the headliner, most of the windows and am finishing the body seals now. I have also removed the transaxle and obtained a Super Beetle transaxle core, which when combined with a few other goodies will provide a strong link to the pavement. This will be neccesary for the LoCash (TM!)  turbo setup that will be added to my 'fresh' 1835cc (which was built by Rick at RML of Daytona Beach a few years ago).

Last Updated 9/6/03

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