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The Bimini Road

    The legend of the city of Atlantis has held a mysterious fascination over people for centuries. Like so many other ancient legends, the stories have become watered down and somewhat confused.  Most recently, many derivations have spun- off in popular entertainment, blurring the views and ideas even more.
      For those who are truly interested in learning more about what Atlantis really was and what it can represent currently, writers and researchers have collected clues from the histories of other cultures around the world. They have found these clues in the writings and in ruins of ancient civilizations.
     My imagery of the City of Atlantis is based around my own interest in this time, and place in history. I began producing these images in 1994.  I try to avoid creating my images around the common sterotypes of Atlantis. Instead I have relied on the research of archeologists, historians and teachers to create scenes that are more accurate to the true legends of Atlantis.

Overlooking Bimini Road (2004)